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The Crowded House Network is a network of churches that gather in homes, coffee shops, bars, and bookstores across Central Florida.

As these communities of Jesus followers enter into the context and cultures of our cities and neighborhoods, Reflecting the missionary nature of the triune God, these communities will serve as missional outposts witnessing to the Lordship of Jesus. By gathering together, sharing a meal, proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus, and engaging our communities in acts of justice and mercy we believe we are forming dynamic communities that reflect the nature of God in and to the world.

Why a Network of Churches?

We are planting a network of small churches because our cities and our neighbors are post-Christian. The people we engage daily are people that either didn’t grow-up with a Christian background or are de-churched. In other words, our neighbors, co-workers, and friends are not going to walk into a traditional church gathering.

However, they will gather in homes around the table and share a meal. They will dialogue with us about Jesus. They will join us on mission in the world.

The movement toward a network of churches is not a rejection of traditional churches or mega-churches. The movement is focused on working alongside and in partnership with these other expressions of the church as we move together toward making disciples of all nations.

As we begin to live in the reality of our post-Christian culture we realize this is an exciting time for the church. A network of dynamic churches gets to be on the front lines of ministry every day as we extend the presence of Christ from one table to another, from one neighborhood to the next.

How You Can Partner with Us

This work cannot be done alone. We are looking for ministry patterns to join us in this mission in the following four ways.

  1. Pray with and for us. We believe prayer is effective in creating change in the world. In ways not fully known, God responds to our prayers. So please pray that God would move and that our family would be faithful in the process. Simply pray.
  2. Participate with us. If you are in central Florida and this intrigues you, let us know. God may be leading you to begin a gathering in your home or place of work. Let us walk with you in this process and bring you into the network. Ask us questions and let us take you to lunch. Simply participate.
  3. Share this post! By sharing this post on your social media accounts or by emailing the link to friends and family, the vision of this mission will spread faster than we could imagine. Simply share.
  4. Give sacrificially. This ministry is a huge risk and financial endeavor. We are looking for sponsors who will partner with us to cover the cost of staff and our ministry budget. We ask that you prayerfully consider giving of your resources to further God's mission through The Crowded House Network.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at jeremy.penn 'at'

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